Laminated Pencil Pots 

Prepare Base True up and mark recess and foot limits Turn an Finish base. Mount and mark up next piece
True & relieve centre, prepare rim making sure it is perfectly flat. Squeaky rule trick whilst lathe is slowing down. Prepare all pieces the same way, do not do this too soon before using as wood can move. Mount base on dovetail jaws Part off scrap wood.
True up and check for absolute flat at rim area. Select next piece and check alignment references. Bring tailstock up, apply thin CA to both surfaces & clamp for a couple of minutes, or until CA has cured. The time between picking the camera up for the previous shot immediately after clamping and the next after removing the core was just 3 minutes.
Remove core with parting tool. Finish off bore and apply sealer. True edge and check. Select next piece.
Apply glue to both pieces & clamp. Clean up bore and finish. Repeat as necessary. Applying glue on next piece.
 . Finish off bore and shape outer. Apply sealer and finish. .
All Pictures and text description are Copyright Chas Jones.
03 Sept. 2009.
For deeper base sections bore and prepare edge as needed. Proceed as previously. .  

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