Wood Type Identification:

Wood Industry, Private and Scientific Sites that may help in Identifying or selecting Timber.

Hobbit House (reduced samples)   Hobbit House (500 samples)
I think this is the most comprehensive set of true colour wood  samples.
The Wood Explorer Database   comprehensive database on the world's commercial wood species
“The Wood Database”   an Online Project
Common Name Index to American Woods by Romeyn B. Hough   Main page:
Rare Woods (SA) home page)       Woods List
Harwood Information Centre
The Tree org.co.uk  British trees, native and introduced
The Forestry Commission   Tree Name Trail,  Species Search Aid
GRIN TAXONOMY Species Data  (search by common name, genus country etc.)
Commercial timbers,    H. G. Richter and M. J. Dallwitz
Wood density info. from SImetric.co.uk
Wood Durability and Selection Guide    Inwood (Cymru)Ltd.
Windsor Plywood, Wood selection Images/samples
University of California at Berkeley
Tropical American Tree Farms


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