Turning a Trivet from Thin Stock
Select timber and cut out blank.
In this case 30mm (1-1/8") thick.
Check centre mark and prepare scrap sacrificial mounting block and drill central hole for screw chuck. With Hot Melt Glue glue block to blank. Using centre spur drill to aid central location on blank.
Screw Chuck Used . Blank mounted on chuck and trued up on edge and face. Mark centre with point of skew.
Mark guide lines to suit chuck jaw socket and position of base support bead.
With Parting Tool form chucking recess. Add Dovetail Socket detail with Skew. Form Bead with Skew or Bead Tool. Remove a percentage of wood from inner Bead Edge towards centre.
Mark Centre of  Blank Edge. Form edge bead. Using edge bead and base bead as guide points chamfer face edge, taking care not to cut into base bead. Work from inner to outer in final stages.
My Abrasives selection, Grip-a-Disk and its off-cuts Hermes and Rhino brand sheet and Abranet, Only Hermes and G-a-D off-cuts used on this piece, starting at 180 grit. Applying diluted Cellulose Sanding Sealer, burnishing to gloss as it dries.
Finish off with Melamine Lacquer again burnishing. Avoid applying too much finish which can result in build -up streaks, blend with thinners or fine Nyweb if found. Turn Blank around and Mount on Socket.. Part Off waste wood and clean up face, mark Tile diameter guide.
Using Parting Tool form recess for Tile. Use wide Scrapper to level base of recess if preferred. If as in this case the blank is thick enough, mark for a dovetail recess. and form sufficient to clear jaws.
If the Blank is not thick enough for the second dovetail then a scrap piece can be Hot Glued on for a spigot or Blank can be mounted in Cole Jaws.
Chamfer front face, between Rim Bead and Tile recess. Finish Sand. Seal, Finish and burnish.
Reverse on Chuck Jaws and finish blending inner base between bead and original chucking socket Sand finish, use rotary friction sander to avoid sanding tracks if desired. Apply Sealer, Finish and burnish central area. Apply Carnauba Wax with burnishing Mop.
  Glue Tile in recess with Hot melt or Acrylic Sealer.  
All Pictures and text description are Copyright Chas Jones.
16 November. 2009

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